salima from the boatmans daughter by Serena Malyon

These illustrations were done for “The Boatman’s Daughter” by Thomas Durwood. These images show his main character, Salima, a resident 19th c. Egypt. In the book, we see her in the streets of 1800’s Cairo, and also exploring a long forgotten Egyptian tomb.

salima from the boatmans daughter by Serena Malyon

In the book, a group of 19th c. characters visit the ancient tomb of Pharaoh Khakaure Senusret III.

ancient egyptian ruins by serena malyon for the boatmans daughter

In another scene, we see a flashback of the Pharaoh himself ordering the widening of the Nile. He sits in the cool shade as his slaves labour in the hot Egyptian sun. A few statues of Pharaoh Khakaure Senusret III exist, so I was able to create a realistic rendering of what he would have looked like in person.

Pharaoh Khakhaure Senusret III by Serena Malyon