The roaming city by Serena Malyon

The Roaming City

Fly Away by Serena Malyon

Fly Away

Pharaoh Khakhaure Senusret III by Serena Malyon

Egypt paintings

salima from the boatmans daughter by Serena Malyon

Portraits of Salima

the mythic dream cover

The Mythic Dream cover

Salt Harbour Map

Salt Harbour Map

Emil the Eviscerator by Serena Malyon

Emil the Eviscerator

Camilla the crusher fantasy character by Serena Malyon

Camilla the Crusher

fantasy molton iron titans by serena malyon

The Fountains of Ferrom

Elise Levine the wicked tongue the walrus medieval illumination landscape fantasy sky

This Wicked Tongue

steward of the depths serena malyon fantasy art

Steward of the Depths

serena malyon illustration of rivendell from lord of the rings by j.r.r. tolkien


serena malyon lord of the rings hobbit treebeard the ent in fangorn forest

Orc Mischief

serena malyon j.r.r.tolkien smaug erebor the lonely mountain in the hobbit bilbo baggins dwarven mine


serena malyon Dream Quest of Vellitt Boe map kij johnson

The Dream Quest of Vellitt Boe Map

serena malyon illustration fantasy art watercolor acryla gouache night gems jewels

The Veil of Night

serena malyon illustration illuminated manuscript embroidery tapestry

The Town Historian

token serena malyon illustration art fantasy portrait


covetous serena malyon fantasy art medieval queen


Serena Malyon valar morghulis illustration a song of ice and fire arya

Valar Morghulis

watercolor dragon a game of thrones serena malyon

The Pit

Serena Malyon plundering of airlie illustration

The Plundering of Airlie

Frieze serena malyon illustration art vesuvius


serena malyon the things I do for love illustration a song of ice and fire brans dream

The Things I do for Love